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Walt Disney World Vacation Information by a Florida resident.

Welcome to my Walt Disney World unofficial guide.. As a Florida resident living just an hour drive from Disney World, I have a unique perspective of a place people all around the world see as one of the most fun vacation spots on earth!

Ever wondered what the best times to go are? When it is too hot or crowded? Low season, high season? With the choice of a multitude of hotels and resorts, when and where are the deals? Many Disney World vacation trips later, I gathered some good information.

Unless you live here and have the privilege to drive and be at Walt Disney World at a drop of a hat, planning a vacation from far away is not an easy feat. Would you like to spend less money or possibly stay at a high end resort instead? Because of my frequent visits and stays in the Disney World area, I have a first hand experience of the many resorts available.

This is one of the reasons to explore my site: to learn from my failures and successes and make your travel investment possibly a little easier and more informed.

Walt Disney World is not affiliated in any manner with my web site. My views are strictly personal and may not reflect other visitors' experiences. I will not accept compensation to post positive reviews from any business. My reputation depends on the credibility and unbiased views written across This Disney World guide is related to my frequent visits. As comprehensive as it can be, it is not meant to cover everything. I prefer to focus on specific Walt Disney World resorts, parks features and restaurants I found to provide the most fun and comfort. I have compiled a list of current their Orlando hotels with up to date information.


I want to emphasize that I am a big believer in buying trip insurance for your Walt Disney World vacation packages. There are different kinds, such as trip interruption and cancellation. Beside the obvious, such as someone getting sick (which in my family happens quite often), hurricanes can cause delays and cancellations. Disney is very good at assisting customers stuck at the resorts but do not always count on everyone's good intentions. Be safe and cover your valuable investment.

I keep my web pages updated with posts on my blog, which you can access on the right end link.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the site or wish to send reviews of Walt Disney World travel experiences, please contact me.


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